So yesterday I met E3 again and a lot of people asked me to post the story so this is what happened: My friends Kelly, Sam, and I got there and waited in the M&G line and were like the 15th people so we were at the front and when the girl in front of me walked in to take her picture Keaton turned to me to give me a hug and I was like oh..well I’m not in this picture tho…and he was like awwww ok and it was awkward lmao but then it was our turn so we walked in and I gave all the guys a hug and I had 3 letters and 3 bracelets for each of them and I handed them the letters first and they were like aww thanks!! And then I held out the bracelets and was like “I got these for you guys but you guys can pick which ones you want” and in the middle of talking drew was like “I WANT THE RAINBOW ONE GAY PRIDE!!!!” And grabbed it from my hand and it was so freakin cute and we all laughed and then Wes was like awww yeaaaa red white and blue i want that one so he took that one and Keaton the green one and they all put them on then I went over to Wes and I was like “Can you please kiss my cheek for this picture?” And he looked at me all sad and was like I can’t..she’ll get mad at me :(” (talking about Michelle) and he was saying how they don’t let them kiss cheeks anymore and I look over and Keaton was kissing my friends cheek and I was like lol Keaton’s kissing my friends cheek! And he was like he is?! And looked over and was like “Keaton??! MICHELLE! You said we can’t kiss cheeks!” And Michelle was just like okay no kissing cheeks Keaton! So I just took a picture smiling with Wes and then after that I was like can you lift up your shirt for this picture? And he was kinda giggled a little and was like “hell yeah I can!!” And lifted it up so I just put my hand on his stomach and omffgggggg his abs😍😍😍😍 so yeah my friend also got Drew to lift up his shirt and they were just so nice as always and then after the picture we gave all of the hugs again and we were actually in the m&g for pretty long and then we went and sat down for the q&a and we were in the very front pretty much so we had really good seats and they came out and were asking a bunch of questions and I asked if all of them could sing to me and Keaton started singing really high pitched and then they just started singing Loving You by Minnie Riperton and they sang for like 25 seconds it was super funny and then at the end Drew was like “that one was for you baby” and I was like dead. 😂 Then they answered a bunch more questions and were just doing random things and after like a half hour they had to leave :( but there whole set was amazing and they were wearing the bracelets i got them during the whole q&a and while they were performimg so that made me so happy but im so proud of how far they have come since X factor it’s actually amazing and I can’t wait for the day they have their own headlining tour and that’s pretty much it ❤😊😊😊

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